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The harvest and season drives and varies our menu daily.  



The harvest and season drives and varies our menu daily.  

Open Dinner first Wednesday of the Month for "Meat and Three" Skillet style


Thursday Lunch, Oct. 23rd 

Soup and Sandwich

Mushroom Barley

Dried porcinis, orzotto Italian barley, vegetable stock, fresh thyme and sage.


Jerk Pumpkin Bisque

Local pie pumpkin, jerk spice, coconut milk.


Griddled Cheese

Laurel Valley Country Jack infused with jalapeno's from Celeste's garden on griddled country white; served with a simple salad of local greens and your

choice of soup.


Wood Grilled Lamb

Wood grilled Greene county leg of lamb on a Dan ther Baker roll with onion marmalade and cumin scented yogurt.


Egg on a Roll

Soft scrambled eggs with two year cheddar, crispy pork belly, caper mayo, and peppery arugula on a griddled roll with pan roasted fingerlings.


Patty Melt

Ohio proud grass fed beef, ground just for us, on griddled country white with Laurel Valley Gruyere, sherry maple onions, and grainy mustard.


Skillet Burger

Bluescreek Farm pastured beef, ground just for us from bottom round, short rib, and brisket. Today's burger is served on a griddled brioche roll with

farmstead cheese, Skillet sauce, and local lettuce and tomatoes. Add a fried local yard egg for $ 1 more, or cherrywood smoked bacon for $ 2 additional...


Sloppy Bull

Our proprietary custom ground beef with a sweet and spicy "butcher's sloppy joe" of grass fed brisket on a seeded roll with green tomato marmalde and a

creamy slaw of local autumn cabbage.


Brunch for Lunch

Heritage Pork Sausage Biscuits and Gravy

Whole hog heritage pork sausage with sage, apple, and maple in a cream gravy over two griddled "bird's head" biscuits with soft scrambled eggs.


Farmstead Cheese Omelette

Sharp Laurel Valley Creamery cheddar; served with a simple salad of Green Edge Gardens sunflower sprouts. 


Autumn Sausage Omelette

Whole hog sausage with sage, apple, and Ohio maple, candy onion, roasted Dangling Carrot sweet potatoes, and mild cheddar; garneed with pork cracklin's.


Roast Pork Poutine

Pan roasted fingerling potatoes and Laurel Valley cheddar curds with pulled slow roasted fresh pork ham in an herby gravy.


This and That

Biscuit and Gravy; A split and griddled "bird's head"  biscuit with today's gravy.

Shagbark Mill organic stone ground white cheddar - thyme grits

Warm Pork Rinds with Sea salt, Tabasco

Pan roasted local brussels, crispy pork belly, sherry maple gastrique

Crispy pan roasted fingerlings with fresh cheddar curds and sweet onion

Double smoked cherrywood bacon

House smoked not too spicy andouille sausage

Simple salad of local arugula, Canal Junction Parmesan, olive oil, lemon



Pecan Pie Croissant; Europeon style, all butter; split and twice baked with pecan and brown sugar pastry cream, finished with Snowville cream.

Warm Apple Crostata; Athens county Mutzu apples, five spice syrup, whipped Snowville cream.

Griddled Cinnamon Roll; Served warm with brown butter caramel, and maple string icing. 

Dan the Baker Pies; Sour Cherry Streusel,  Black Bottom Oat, or Pumpkin Struesel; with whipped Snowville cream.